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Free-spirited Poet

Andrea "Kitten" Perry

"MS. KITTEN OWNS ANY STAGE SHE WALKS ONTO; her presence and ability to read and give the crowd exactly what they came for is what seperates her from just a featured poet...not to mention she is beautiful inside and out. Salute!"

-JC The Poet, Touch One Productions (Charlotte, NC)

"Andrea Kitten Perry is a dynamic writer and performer. To witness her on the stage is such a treat as she takes you from 0 to 100 real quick with imaginative story lines and charming witticism. It was my pleasure to interview this young lady and be the M.C. on a stage in which she lit it up for audiences of various backgrounds who all received her with open arms and enjoyed her work wholeheartedly. She is definitely A STAR IN THE MAKING!”

-Tia Coatley, Radio Personality, The Tia Maria Show (Louisville, KY)

"My experience working with Ms Kitten was very surprising, because this was my first time ever seeing her.From start to finish, she took the whole crowd on a very emotional,spiritual, exciting and erotic ride. What impressed me the most was her command of the stage. All eyes and ears were fixed on her. Her erotic piece left every man in the building wanting a woman like the ones she described.... Very professional poet that brings life and character to the show... MS. KITTEN IS WORTH BOOKING!"

-LeRoy Stanfield, Go Baby Productions (Oakland, CA)


Andrea "Kitten" Perry is an internationally touring performance poet and motivator, a 2016 Poet of the Year Nominee for the Northern California Entertainer's Music Awards, and published author of Free: Poetry, Commentary, and Dialogue of a Free Spirit (2016). A 2012 Scripps- Howard Fellowship recipient, Andrea's work has been featured on V-103 (The People's Station) in Atlanta, KSBI in Vancouver, People TV, on tour with HBO's Punany Poets, and more. In addition to performing, Andrea holds self-publishing workshops for those that are interested in writing and distributing a book and is one of the founders of D.O.P.E. Poetz, a troupe of artists founded in 2009 that live by the acronym: Delivering Outstanding Performances Every time. In 2015, Andrea co-wrote and published her first poetry chapbook entitled D.O.P.E. Dealers with fellow member, Philly Folks. Andrea resides in her hometown, Stockton, California, with her son, Pharoah.

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