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Poetry, Dialogue, & Commentary of a Free Spirit

"Imaginative storylines and charming witticism!"

-Tia Coatley, Radio Personality

"How eloquently she delivers her peace... a refreshing energy from this poet that isn't tainted!"

-Cleo Cartel, Nor Cal Event Producer/Owner of FAME Magazine


"'Reelism' that you've been fishing for!

It baits you and hooks you!"

-Keith Rodgers, Founder & CEO of Black on Black Rhyme

“Free isn’t just full of poems; it truly shows the depths of Andrea’s soul. With each line of each poem, you see a different characteristic of her and are able to feel her emotions. It’s a heart-wrenching, yet uplifting and inspirational read.”

-Nicole Turner, Professor of Communication, LU

“I really enjoyed Free. It ranged from complex, critical thinking text, to simple and straight-to-the-point, while still maintaining creative integrity. Each of the poems are extensions of Andrea, and that’s rare. She’s gifted beyond her years.”


-Middle C, Founder, N.O.N. Records

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