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FREE: Poetry, Dialogue, and Commentary of a Free Spirit is a collection of poems and thoughts by eclectic, international poet and spoken word artist, Andrea Kitten. In it, she welcomes each reader into a world of love, struggle, lust, the simple things in life, as well as, the complexities of it all, while pushing them along on a journey to self-discovery and dream revelations. FREE will make you laugh, smile, cringe, and if not only for a moment, release your own shackles and experience the power of being free yourself. “FREE isn’t just full of poems; it truly shows the depths of Andrea’s soul. With each line of each poem, you see a different characteristic of her and are able to feel her emotions. It’s a heart-wrenching, yet uplifting and inspirational read.” -Nicole Turner, Professor of Communication, LU "How eloquently she delivers her peace. A refreshing energy from this poet that isn't tainted." -Cleo Cartel, Publisher of FAME Magazine

Free (The Book)

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